Lazada paved the way for more E-commerce opportunities- A Review

paved the way.jpg E-commerce in the Philippines nowadays is so vibrant, populated with a lot of competitive players who are out there to make a dent in the business. One of those companies is Lazada PH an online shopping pioneer in the Philippines that has been making gargantuan waves since its foray into the local E-Commerce industry. Lazada has been dubbed as the of Southeast Asia. That comparison is inevitable and I think natural since it is, from what I have heard, a clone of Amazon by the world famous online venture builder, Germany’s Rocket-Internet. So what is Rocket-Internet? Just a brief background, Rocket-Internet is an online start up incubator. So what is an online start up incubator? You might ask. Well, what it does is that it clones successful internet websites typically websites from the United States and put them up in other countries. Once the clone website is up and running and is already successful, what happens next is that they are normally being acquired by the original company in which they were cloned from. Rocket-Internet utilizes a focused Human Resource strategy; they hire MBA schooled executives to act as the founder and managing director of the clone website. Most of these executives are seasoned veterans from multinational financial institution and consultancy firms.


The winning formula of putting together the company’s overall expertise and management experience with the cloning of a proven successful website often ends up with Rocket-Internet being on the second or third spot in the marketplace with the original company where the website was cloned from at the top. This business model is so brilliant that it made Rocket-Internet one of the largest, fastest and most successful international online venture builders. They have been doing this for more than 10 years now and have successfully created over 100 market leading companies around the world and employ as many as 15,000 employees. Having this kind of company pour in investments into the country will of course create some positive impact to the local economy particularly the employment sector. Since Lazada is aimed at the Philippines market and consumers, it is going to naturally employ local people and that directly helps the employment rate in the country. Also, Lazada’s unwavering success will naturally lead to more E-Commerce websites being put up locally which will in turn sends a ripple effect again to boosting the local economy. Another thing is that, since Lazada’s inception, participation of people in e-Commerce have surged. A lot of local people are now getting into online shopping unlike say two or three years ago when doing e-commerce means buying and selling stuff online through online market place websites such as the likes of,,, and others. Pinoys now have unprecedented access to premium products at the comfort of their own home with just a click of the mouse; they can have the best items at the best prices. Lazada really changed the way Pinoys do business online.



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Experience world class online shopping locally through LazadaPH- A Review


As an avid online shopper, I know what a great online shopping website is when I see one on the get-go. Today I am going to talk about my wonderful online shopping trips at LazadaPH . The first thing that I am going to drop in on Lazada is about their website lay out. I find it easy to navigate. It is a no nonsense straightforward shopping website that is very user friendly and is not intimidating to even the first time users of the internet. I can remember teaching my 65 year old grandma how to look around and shop. My grandma is someone who can be called a technoplegic, she didn’t grow up around computers, cell phones and tablets, and she even asks me to do the texting for her whenever she needs to send a txt message to someone. The first time she got on Lazada, she got a bit overwhelmed but she got used to it really fast as I walked her through. She even thought that it’s really easy to browse around. That is largely because of the fact that Lazada is so user-friendly. You have all the information that you need right in-front of you, there are no complicated tasks to perform, it is very easy to sign up for an account and start shopping. The check-out process itself is so simple, you just put have to put in you preferred method of payment, verify it and you’re good to go. After a day of walking my grandma through the shopping environment of Lazada, she became an expert. Now, she goes online shopping on her own whenever she wants to without me doing the log-in for her. I also like the fact that Lazada Philippines always making an effort to bring consumers a variety of items that caters to shoppers diverse needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a homemaker looking for the best in kitchen equipment or a gadget freak looking to get the latest tech fix, Lazada is continuously upgrading and updating their product offerings. That’s why it wouldn’t be a surprise if you will always find a new shopping category in Lazada. That’s what makes browsing through Lazada fun and exciting. You will not be looking at the same item over and over again because there are always new drops and fresh stocks coming in. it is a fast-paced and dynamic shopping experience.

Lazada Philippines makes it absolutely convenient to shop for anything that you want whenever you feel like it. The website is secure and users are guaranteed secured online transactions. They offer a multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Dragonpay and Cash on Delivery, whatever suits your payment needs. The best thing is that, the price at checkout is final so there are no unexpected surcharges and surprises. Plus, if there is something wrong, you can return your item within seven day from the day you got it. You don’t have to worry about the return shipping charges because it is going to be taken cared of by Lazada. It is absolutely worry-free shopping guaranteed!

Great service bagged my LAZADA purchase- A Review

thank you.jpg

 No matter how much of a steal the item you buy online is, if the service sucks and is inconvenient, it throws off the whole vibe of the website. There’s always a lot to consider when you want to put up a business. One of the main reasons owners require a screening for potential employees in outlet stores is to be able to assess whether that person can represent the brand and bag revenues at the same time. Good employees can close a purchase if they’re able to woo their clients into thinking the item is worth buying whether it looks good or fits the specific person’s personality. If the employee comes off as arrogant, customers tend to lose interest and in return, the brand loses possible sales. Despite the customer badly wanting the item, he or she will refuse to make a transaction with the shop if employees let their unprofessionalism get in the way of a good sell.


I remember passing through Topshop one time to get to its other side where Mango is. Because the saleslady knew perfectly how to promote the product, she was able to talk me into getting a bag that was 500 pesos off. I had no plans of buying from them but simply because the saleslady was so charming, I bought a leather brown bag that was a lot over my budget. She was so charming that it reached a point I couldn’t leave because I didn’t want to offend her. If it weren’t for that one accommodating girl, I probably would have just walk past the store and proceeded directly to my initial destination. Same concept applies to online shopping. If you have a concern and you direct your issues to customer service and they respond rudely, the conversation will just turn out sour not resolving anything. For some people, they go out of their way to report the person in-charge of her call and further complain risking the company to have to return their client’s money. Customer service is a vital aspect in creating a successful venture.


Websites like Lazada Philippines aim to provide excellent service in order to establish a relationship with their clients that can further lead to making them loyal enthusiasts and buyers. As you can tell, I’m one of the satisfied customers, which led me to making this blog entry.  There was a time that I called up customer service to inquire about their modes of payment not realizing that the details I needed were already posted. Because the person on the other line openly welcomed my questions, I was pushed more to buy given how convenient paying or making a transaction with them was going to be. She was able to properly discuss my options and in return, I purchased a sea foam green messenger bag that I can see myself wearing regularly. The service that they offered wasn’t at all like the previous bad encounters I had with employees who sell high-end brands in outlet stores like Rockwell or Greenbelt. If you can deliver exceptional customer service, then surely you will have at least one sale per day.





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Lazada PH Review: Cash on Delivery was a real game changer in payment options in the Philippines for local online stores



What do we best get from online stores? What’s the difference between going to malls compared to visiting an online shopping mall website? I’m always a skeptic critic when it comes to trusting online stores. My friend was once conned by a fake or imposing online website offering a certain service or product at very small or reasonable price. As a customer, who wouldn’t want to get their desired item or service for a lower price? You would be a fool if you prefer to spend more on something that you can get for lesser, assuming that it’s a legit deal, of course!


I told myself that E-commerce Industry is a sham especially here in the Philippines where Online Classified ads such as or were the closest thing to E-commerce website. Sure, there are a lot of successful E-commerce websites throughout the world. But in this country, the percentage of success is very slim and next to impossible. There is only one thing why I think the rise of E-commerce industry is very low and I strongly believe that Philippines is not yet ready for it.


So when I heard that an Internet company giant, Rocket Internet, a German company owned by Samwer Brothers. Notorious for cloning websites, on Lazada’s case, clone of Amazon was brought in South East Asia. I was really shocked that they would take that big risk. Setting up multiple ventures on a region does not come chip. Once Lazada Philippines was launched here in the Philippines, I was telling myself that this will be a sure flop. Filipino’s are not fond of trusting online websites. Yet alone expose their hard earned money to possible fraud and have their money taken away in a snap.


When I started to investigate their website, At first I saw that their website is well presented and that it is easy to navigate.  What I noticed is that they were actually promoting their Free delivery service. Anyone who visits their website will see it right away since its highlighted upper section of the website. It is really hard to miss. For me, what came to my mind is that “Free Delivery” can be an advantage for large home appliances. It is something that we buy on malls where it will require delivery because of its size and weight, which results for extra charge of the delivery to your home. But what convinced me that Lazada truly has chance on tapping the online Filipino market is their various payment method options. One of them that I want to highlight is there “Cash on Delivery” this is actually amazing, up to now I’m still puzzled how they were able to think of that and had the guts to implement it given that the fraud order risk is pretty high. But that’s just truly shows that the owners, Samwer brothers, got to where they got with their high ambition and being confident to take risks.

So for proving me wrong or doubting you, I apologize and salute you Lazada Philippines for doing a great job and for changing how E-commerce is now perceived locally.





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Offer Lots of Discounts and deals at Lazada - A Review

I’ve seen a lot of deals offered by various online website. Some of them are enticing some of them even don’t make sense at all. Nevertheless, its good that online business websites are always on top of their game by throwing in discounts, contests, games and promos.

For me, having no discounts or promos eliminates the weight factor of online stores from traditional online shopping malls. I mean you only go out your comfort zone if you feel that the reward has more bearing than the risk, right?

I actually saw a website based here in the Philippines, Lazada PH. I found out that they give ridiculous discounts that people are actually in disbelief that such deals or promos exist. For example there 99% off. Sure it seldom happens, but not all of online shopping business can offer that kind of a deal to online customers.

Their deals are actually friendly to us,  you save extra  cash not only on discount or promos but  also on their free delivery available service. So let’s give it a study, assuming you want to buy an Apple Ipad mini. If you purchase it on malls you spend extra on gas, travel expense. On the other hand, if you go online, you not need to spend money on gas or travel. You simply need a computer and Internet access and your are good to go. Besides the savings, it also speeds up your shopping experience since you won’t face any traffic going to the mall or even chase after items along with other buyers seeking the same item you want to purchase. There’s not much of a roadblock in online shopping compared to the factors on what you will face assuming you go to a specific mall to purchase an item.

Also, unlike malls, you get to see if the item is available or not. I had an experience once when I travelled two hours from our place to our main city where malls and establishments are available only to realize that someone beat me to the last item. At the end of the day its pretty much the same with traditional offline malls in terms finalizing the transaction you give your credit card or pay cash over the counter. With Lazada, you get to pick the same option, except the item you actually want is delivered n your footsteps. Its like a door-to-door salesman, just happened that salesman in Lazada alaready knows what to sell to you. On the down side, online shopping malls may take a day or two compared to offline shopping. So far, that’s the only flaw I see with online shopping business.

But surprisingly, recently, other online stores are offering same day delivery which is a smart idea from business standpoint. They all need a value preposition against Lazada. To some online stores, same day delivery is offered exclusively to online customers living around Manila Philppines. Bottom line, I love online business offering options to us to the point that were relaxed and we safe buying oline with their deals, promos, contests and even games.







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Lazada Philippines Review: Great Packaging, Secured Deliveries

Delivery is one of my pet peeves when it comes to online shopping. I am very choosy when it comes to the sites where I buy products since I am well aware of the scams, cybercrimes and other criminal attacks committed against online shoppers. Hence, there are only a very few sites that I trust; and included in this short list is Lazada Philippines.


The Philippines’ online shopping mall

Just a couple of months since the commencement of its operations in the Philippines, this site has already been named as the online shopping mall of the country. This is not at all surprising for me since there are a lot to love about this site.

For instance, there is a wide variety of products available—from books to electronic devices, home products, fashion items, travelling gear, personal hygiene items, book, music, movies, and even kid stuff—name it and this site certainly has it. Not only that, the service is also impeccable.

 And since I am very particular when it comes to delivery, the fact that this one is included in my list of reliable online shopping sites speaks highly about the quality of its delivery service.



packaging.jpg  Among the things I admire about Lazada Philippines when it comes to delivery is its packaging. I can say that this site is very careful with the way the items we buy are packaged in order to minimize, if not totally eradicate, damages and defects during shipping or transportation. This way, we can still enjoy the highest quality in the product that we paid for—as it is supposed to be.

An example would be the screen grab on the left. Aside from the usual box of the item, the latter was still enveloped with a bubble wrap to protect it from dents and other forms of damage through the tumbling and shaking during shipping.



LBC delivery service

Lbc Delivery.jpg 

One more factor that I highly commend about the delivery of this site is that it made it a point to work with the top courier service in the country. This way, shoppers are assured of topnotch quality when it comes to delivery.

LBC is known for their good courier service, prompt deliveries and secured transactions. Hence, we can be assured that the items we paid for are delivered as promised.


More than that, the delivery man also follows a standard procedure of asking for a government issued ID for security purposes. This way, our packages will not be unnecessarily claimed or stealed by other people. Items being delivered in the wrong hands has been a problem for some online shopping sites. But that is certainly not the case with Lazada Philippines. 

Lazada Philippines Gives You More Ways to Pay- A Review

no credit card.jpg  If you wanna play you gotta pay. Heard that adage somewhere, maybe it is not an adage but definitely a phrase that you could think about. That thing applies to shopping. You got to pay what you are taking otherwise it would not be called shopping. If you are not paying that is going to be stealing and stealing is for crooks. Totally not cool and it is going to hit you up with some time in the joint too. If you want to be classy you got to pay for what you are shopping for. Luckily, if you find yourself shopping in Lazada PH you are guaranteed that you got endless ways to pay (of course it’s not really endless) when I say endless I mean options. Lazada.Ph has options, multiple ways to pay your purchases. Credit Card, debit card, online banking, over the counter, electronic, cash, name it they have it. We are going to go through each payment method so you will know what best suits your needs.  Here we go:

Credit Card – What is an online shopping company without the option to pay using a credit card? Right? It is the go-to payment option for online shopping companies and of course Lazada has it.  Lazada offers a very secure credit card payment transaction backed by industry leading data encryption standards. Somewhere on the website, on the middle bottom part of any page you will find the PCI-DSS seal. PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS is an information security standard for business entities that works with and handles customer or cardholder information for leading credit, debit, ATM, POS, prepaid and e-Purse cards. This security standard was formed to raise its reigns on cardholder data with the aim to reduce fraud risks and exposure. Audits are done annually to ensure compliance with the standards set forth by the PCI-DSS council. If you are to check the PCI-DSS seal on the Lazada site, you will be glad to know that it is up to date meaning your credit card transactions with them are as secure as you want it to be. Minimal/basic requirements apply when using a credit card in Lazada such as, one must be a legal cardholder, you need at least one government issued I.D for random verification and if you are using someone else’s credit card you have to contact Lazada and speak to a representative.

DragonPay – Dragonpay is an online payment system that utilizes Philippine banking networks and non-traditional outlets e.g. convenience stores, business centers, pawnshops and remittance centers to process payments. Think of PayPal without the credit card. Dragonpay is one of the payment options that encourages more e-Commerce participation because just like what they say on their website, “Go ahead. Shop online. No credit cards needed.

Cash On Delivery – This payment option levelled the playing field in terms of who can do online shopping. If Dragon Pay opened the doors of online shopping to more people, this one opened the doors as well as the windows. It is probably the most convenient payment option since it obviously does not require upfront payments. Just go out there, shop and check out. Pay for your purchase when the item arrives at your doorstep.

So there you have it, you got no reasons not to go online shopping. Having no credit card is definitely not an acceptable excuse because with Lazada, there are more ways to pay.


Lazada Philippines Review: The Mass Appeal

ecommerce.jpgTo say that lazada PH has made quite a stir in our local E-Commerce industry is an understatement because it did not just made quite a stir, it made a splash.  Selling of goods over the internet or through websites has caught up over the years and is the fastest growing method of merchandising all over the world and the Philippines is no exception when it comes to adopting the trend with its excellent internet communications infrastructure. Just a little trip down memory lane since the topic of internet infrastructure was brought up and just so you will have more appreciation of this wonderful technological marvel.  Internet in the Philippines has been around in as early as the year 1997 when only a handful of people who are in the communications and technology sector know what the term internet means or how the internet works.

It was not surprising that The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company was the first to introduce or launch the Philippine Internet Exchange. The Philippine Internet Exchange was the first network access medium or interconnection in the Philippines. Simply put it was the first internet network in the country. It enabled and it still is allowing local internet service providers or ISPs with a main connection to the world wide web to gain access and engage in local internet activities without accessing the world wide web (world wide web in this context means the global internet or the internet or servers located somewhere else but the Philippines). The inception of this Philippine Internet Exchange or network access point by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company was spurred by sporadic system downtimes of international circuits or international leased line circuits (since these are not owned by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and just being rented out). These downtimes would usually disable the local internet service providers’ connection to the world wide web or global internet network thus getting in the way of regular operations and causing delays to the delivery of locally originated internet transactions. The Philippine Internet Exchange is composed of an Ethernet hub where local routers of involved internet service providers are connected to thus providing users and internet service providers a common hub that saves them a lot of time where previous data exchanges or requests from users would go to international servers first then travel back to the end user in the Philippines. The local Ethernet hub simply does the job of communicating with the outside routers and passes on the data to the local ISPs and users. This set up provided the Philippines some sort of internet autonomy from international internet conditions and concentrating or centralizing internet traffic in the country thus getting rid of the need to communicate local internet communications to routers overseas. This is one of the top reasons that the Philippines is the number one destination for Business Process Outsourcing companies and is also a fertile ground for E-Commerce companies such as Lazada to grow.


The introduction of online retailer style shopping by Lazada Philippines created numerous positive impacts on the local E-commerce industry. One of them is online shopping accessibility to the masses of the common people where online shopping used to be something that is not within their reach. Lazada’s easy to use website and multiple payment methods ensured that anyone who has the capability to connect to the internet can participate in doing E-Commerce through the purchase of goods online. Lazada also provides common shoppers access to high quality merchandise and great discounts that are just previous confined or accessible to the upper segments. In a nutshell, Lazada did equalize things in terms of shopping opportunities. That is why I would like to call it the Philippines online shopping mall where ordinary folks can just walk in and shop to their hearts content.




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Lazada Philippines Review: An Online Shopping Site to Trust

There are but a few online shopping sites that I trust. This is in spite of the fact that I find buying things online faster, easier, and more convenient. It can also be fun since I am able to choose from a wide variety of items and stores. Hence, I have more options. In this regard, among the handful of sites I remain loyal to is Lazada Philippines.


Philippines’ online shopping mall


Although this site has just commenced its operations in the Philippines, it has already earned the moniker “Philippines’ online shopping mall”. And as someone who patronizes the site, I see a lot of reasons why this new moniker is rightfully deserved. Let me share with you some of my personal reasons.

Home of the best deals

For one, I consider this site to be the home of the best deals in the online shopping world. Not only does it have a long inventory of products—which numbers up to 4,000—this site also has a number of great deals for its customers. 

shocking deals.jpg

One example would be the screen grab on the left. As you will see, the discounts are not your usual 5% to 10% price reduction. We can actually save as much as 50% on selected items.


Mind you, the example given on the left is just among the many other price reductions offered by the site. Aside from the seasonal savings, there are also everyday price slashes you can find in this site.


More than that, there are items which are not only discounted, they also come with additional freebies. For instance, there is a Canon DSLR camera on sale which also comes with a memory card, bag and tripod. Indeed, these deals are rare to find online.


Variety of payment methods

Still another feature of Lazada Philippines that I love is the variety in payment methods. This is important for me as an online shopper. As you will see on the screen grab on the right, shoppers can pay in a multitude of ways.payment methodsssss.jpg


Of course, there is the traditional credit card payment. There is also Dragonpay. But besides that, there are options which you can rarely find in other online shopping sites. Examples are cash on delivery and bank transfer. And just recently, this site also offered an instalment option for BDO account holders.


With all these options, customers like myself are given much leeway to suit our convenience and financial situation.


Secure transactions

secure transaction.jpg

Last but certainly not the least, this site has secured transactions. This is very important for me especially given the rampancy of identity theft, scams and other cyber crimes. In fact, Lazada Philippines is PCI DSS approved. 


The screen grab you will see on the left is a proof to this. That means the IT system of this site has passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which is known to be the highest in the e-commerce industry.


For customers like me, this means we have the best protection against hacking, information leak and other possible online criminal attacks. 


Lazada Philippines Review: Mishandling handled well

handled well.pngToday, I am going to sway away from my usual product reviews and tell you about an online shopping mall instead. I have been a fan of buying things online but only recently did I come back to the same website over and over again. I would normally just type the product I want on Google and specify online stores in the Philippines to narrow down the search. I never really have that one website I go back to. It’s my first time hitting that overrated favorite tab on something that isn’t an art blog. Lazada Philippines definitely made an impact to me when I saw how wide the collections they have are. They have more to offer in both the products and services department. One of the reasons I adore this up and coming online shopping mall is because of its general to specific categories that make it so easy to go around the mentioned site. They have so many services available for their customers from shipments for free to numerous credit cards allowable for payment. They also have a lot of items on sale up to 30% on a daily basis. It’s perfect for people of all ages and gender.

                My very first experience with Lazada was when I bought a Love of Pink by Lacoste perfume with a 20% discount. I was stunned at how much it was being sold for. It wasn’t even a Christmas promo. The convenience of not having to go to the mall buy one along with how much I bought it for locked me in. I initially wanted Calvin Klein but I remember passing by Rustan’s a few weeks ago and being handed a strip of paper with the Love of Pink Lacoste scent. I couldn’t go back to check out how much it was and at the same time had no clue as to what the name of perfume was. I only saw a glimpse of the box and the bottle. When I saw it while viewing the perfume collection, I was ecstatic. After getting it delivered, my little sister was checking it out and felt a leak at the bottom of the box. I thought her hands were just wet because the plastic was still intact in all places. I noticed then that the bottom part of the perfume box was a little oily. I called Lazada’s customer service and asked what were my options regarding what happened. She mentioned about their 7-day return policy that I wasn’t able to read about while on the site. She said that mishandled products as long as kept unopened and sealed were their liability as long as I followed the proper paper work. Regardless of that part being a total bust, I was still satisfied. I got my new perfume a few days after and still saved a lot of breads.

                The website is an online shopper’s dream come true. Everything about it screams customer satisfaction. Despite the unfortunate incident, I’m sure to check their site and order from them again. I don’t see any site even close to the extensive catalogue they have to offer. Do you?





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