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> Lazada Philippines Review: Mishandling handled well

Lazada Philippines Review: Mishandling handled well

handled well.pngToday, I am going to sway away from my usual product reviews and tell you about an online shopping mall instead. I have been a fan of buying things online but only recently did I come back to the same website over and over again. I would normally just type the product I want on Google and specify online stores in the Philippines to narrow down the search. I never really have that one website I go back to. It’s my first time hitting that overrated favorite tab on something that isn’t an art blog. Lazada Philippines definitely made an impact to me when I saw how wide the collections they have are. They have more to offer in both the products and services department. One of the reasons I adore this up and coming online shopping mall is because of its general to specific categories that make it so easy to go around the mentioned site. They have so many services available for their customers from shipments for free to numerous credit cards allowable for payment. They also have a lot of items on sale up to 30% on a daily basis. It’s perfect for people of all ages and gender.

                My very first experience with Lazada was when I bought a Love of Pink by Lacoste perfume with a 20% discount. I was stunned at how much it was being sold for. It wasn’t even a Christmas promo. The convenience of not having to go to the mall buy one along with how much I bought it for locked me in. I initially wanted Calvin Klein but I remember passing by Rustan’s a few weeks ago and being handed a strip of paper with the Love of Pink Lacoste scent. I couldn’t go back to check out how much it was and at the same time had no clue as to what the name of perfume was. I only saw a glimpse of the box and the bottle. When I saw it while viewing the perfume collection, I was ecstatic. After getting it delivered, my little sister was checking it out and felt a leak at the bottom of the box. I thought her hands were just wet because the plastic was still intact in all places. I noticed then that the bottom part of the perfume box was a little oily. I called Lazada’s customer service and asked what were my options regarding what happened. She mentioned about their 7-day return policy that I wasn’t able to read about while on the site. She said that mishandled products as long as kept unopened and sealed were their liability as long as I followed the proper paper work. Regardless of that part being a total bust, I was still satisfied. I got my new perfume a few days after and still saved a lot of breads.

                The website is an online shopper’s dream come true. Everything about it screams customer satisfaction. Despite the unfortunate incident, I’m sure to check their site and order from them again. I don’t see any site even close to the extensive catalogue they have to offer. Do you?





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