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> Lazada Philippines Review: An Online Shopping Site to Trust

Lazada Philippines Review: An Online Shopping Site to Trust

There are but a few online shopping sites that I trust. This is in spite of the fact that I find buying things online faster, easier, and more convenient. It can also be fun since I am able to choose from a wide variety of items and stores. Hence, I have more options. In this regard, among the handful of sites I remain loyal to is Lazada Philippines.


Philippines’ online shopping mall


Although this site has just commenced its operations in the Philippines, it has already earned the moniker “Philippines’ online shopping mall”. And as someone who patronizes the site, I see a lot of reasons why this new moniker is rightfully deserved. Let me share with you some of my personal reasons.

Home of the best deals

For one, I consider this site to be the home of the best deals in the online shopping world. Not only does it have a long inventory of products—which numbers up to 4,000—this site also has a number of great deals for its customers. 

shocking deals.jpg

One example would be the screen grab on the left. As you will see, the discounts are not your usual 5% to 10% price reduction. We can actually save as much as 50% on selected items.


Mind you, the example given on the left is just among the many other price reductions offered by the site. Aside from the seasonal savings, there are also everyday price slashes you can find in this site.


More than that, there are items which are not only discounted, they also come with additional freebies. For instance, there is a Canon DSLR camera on sale which also comes with a memory card, bag and tripod. Indeed, these deals are rare to find online.


Variety of payment methods

Still another feature of Lazada Philippines that I love is the variety in payment methods. This is important for me as an online shopper. As you will see on the screen grab on the right, shoppers can pay in a multitude of ways.payment methodsssss.jpg


Of course, there is the traditional credit card payment. There is also Dragonpay. But besides that, there are options which you can rarely find in other online shopping sites. Examples are cash on delivery and bank transfer. And just recently, this site also offered an instalment option for BDO account holders.


With all these options, customers like myself are given much leeway to suit our convenience and financial situation.


Secure transactions

secure transaction.jpg

Last but certainly not the least, this site has secured transactions. This is very important for me especially given the rampancy of identity theft, scams and other cyber crimes. In fact, Lazada Philippines is PCI DSS approved. 


The screen grab you will see on the left is a proof to this. That means the IT system of this site has passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which is known to be the highest in the e-commerce industry.


For customers like me, this means we have the best protection against hacking, information leak and other possible online criminal attacks. 



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