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> Lazada Philippines Review: The Mass Appeal

Lazada Philippines Review: The Mass Appeal

ecommerce.jpgTo say that lazada PH has made quite a stir in our local E-Commerce industry is an understatement because it did not just made quite a stir, it made a splash.  Selling of goods over the internet or through websites has caught up over the years and is the fastest growing method of merchandising all over the world and the Philippines is no exception when it comes to adopting the trend with its excellent internet communications infrastructure. Just a little trip down memory lane since the topic of internet infrastructure was brought up and just so you will have more appreciation of this wonderful technological marvel.  Internet in the Philippines has been around in as early as the year 1997 when only a handful of people who are in the communications and technology sector know what the term internet means or how the internet works.

It was not surprising that The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company was the first to introduce or launch the Philippine Internet Exchange. The Philippine Internet Exchange was the first network access medium or interconnection in the Philippines. Simply put it was the first internet network in the country. It enabled and it still is allowing local internet service providers or ISPs with a main connection to the world wide web to gain access and engage in local internet activities without accessing the world wide web (world wide web in this context means the global internet or the internet or servers located somewhere else but the Philippines). The inception of this Philippine Internet Exchange or network access point by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company was spurred by sporadic system downtimes of international circuits or international leased line circuits (since these are not owned by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and just being rented out). These downtimes would usually disable the local internet service providers’ connection to the world wide web or global internet network thus getting in the way of regular operations and causing delays to the delivery of locally originated internet transactions. The Philippine Internet Exchange is composed of an Ethernet hub where local routers of involved internet service providers are connected to thus providing users and internet service providers a common hub that saves them a lot of time where previous data exchanges or requests from users would go to international servers first then travel back to the end user in the Philippines. The local Ethernet hub simply does the job of communicating with the outside routers and passes on the data to the local ISPs and users. This set up provided the Philippines some sort of internet autonomy from international internet conditions and concentrating or centralizing internet traffic in the country thus getting rid of the need to communicate local internet communications to routers overseas. This is one of the top reasons that the Philippines is the number one destination for Business Process Outsourcing companies and is also a fertile ground for E-Commerce companies such as Lazada to grow.


The introduction of online retailer style shopping by Lazada Philippines created numerous positive impacts on the local E-commerce industry. One of them is online shopping accessibility to the masses of the common people where online shopping used to be something that is not within their reach. Lazada’s easy to use website and multiple payment methods ensured that anyone who has the capability to connect to the internet can participate in doing E-Commerce through the purchase of goods online. Lazada also provides common shoppers access to high quality merchandise and great discounts that are just previous confined or accessible to the upper segments. In a nutshell, Lazada did equalize things in terms of shopping opportunities. That is why I would like to call it the Philippines online shopping mall where ordinary folks can just walk in and shop to their hearts content.




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