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> Lazada Philippines Gives You More Ways to Pay- A Review

Lazada Philippines Gives You More Ways to Pay- A Review

no credit card.jpg  If you wanna play you gotta pay. Heard that adage somewhere, maybe it is not an adage but definitely a phrase that you could think about. That thing applies to shopping. You got to pay what you are taking otherwise it would not be called shopping. If you are not paying that is going to be stealing and stealing is for crooks. Totally not cool and it is going to hit you up with some time in the joint too. If you want to be classy you got to pay for what you are shopping for. Luckily, if you find yourself shopping in Lazada PH you are guaranteed that you got endless ways to pay (of course it’s not really endless) when I say endless I mean options. Lazada.Ph has options, multiple ways to pay your purchases. Credit Card, debit card, online banking, over the counter, electronic, cash, name it they have it. We are going to go through each payment method so you will know what best suits your needs.  Here we go:

Credit Card – What is an online shopping company without the option to pay using a credit card? Right? It is the go-to payment option for online shopping companies and of course Lazada has it.  Lazada offers a very secure credit card payment transaction backed by industry leading data encryption standards. Somewhere on the website, on the middle bottom part of any page you will find the PCI-DSS seal. PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS is an information security standard for business entities that works with and handles customer or cardholder information for leading credit, debit, ATM, POS, prepaid and e-Purse cards. This security standard was formed to raise its reigns on cardholder data with the aim to reduce fraud risks and exposure. Audits are done annually to ensure compliance with the standards set forth by the PCI-DSS council. If you are to check the PCI-DSS seal on the Lazada site, you will be glad to know that it is up to date meaning your credit card transactions with them are as secure as you want it to be. Minimal/basic requirements apply when using a credit card in Lazada such as, one must be a legal cardholder, you need at least one government issued I.D for random verification and if you are using someone else’s credit card you have to contact Lazada and speak to a representative.

DragonPay – Dragonpay is an online payment system that utilizes Philippine banking networks and non-traditional outlets e.g. convenience stores, business centers, pawnshops and remittance centers to process payments. Think of PayPal without the credit card. Dragonpay is one of the payment options that encourages more e-Commerce participation because just like what they say on their website, “Go ahead. Shop online. No credit cards needed.

Cash On Delivery – This payment option levelled the playing field in terms of who can do online shopping. If Dragon Pay opened the doors of online shopping to more people, this one opened the doors as well as the windows. It is probably the most convenient payment option since it obviously does not require upfront payments. Just go out there, shop and check out. Pay for your purchase when the item arrives at your doorstep.

So there you have it, you got no reasons not to go online shopping. Having no credit card is definitely not an acceptable excuse because with Lazada, there are more ways to pay.



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