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> Lazada Philippines Review: Great Packaging, Secured Deliveries

Lazada Philippines Review: Great Packaging, Secured Deliveries

Delivery is one of my pet peeves when it comes to online shopping. I am very choosy when it comes to the sites where I buy products since I am well aware of the scams, cybercrimes and other criminal attacks committed against online shoppers. Hence, there are only a very few sites that I trust; and included in this short list is Lazada Philippines.


The Philippines’ online shopping mall

Just a couple of months since the commencement of its operations in the Philippines, this site has already been named as the online shopping mall of the country. This is not at all surprising for me since there are a lot to love about this site.

For instance, there is a wide variety of products available—from books to electronic devices, home products, fashion items, travelling gear, personal hygiene items, book, music, movies, and even kid stuff—name it and this site certainly has it. Not only that, the service is also impeccable.

 And since I am very particular when it comes to delivery, the fact that this one is included in my list of reliable online shopping sites speaks highly about the quality of its delivery service.



packaging.jpg  Among the things I admire about Lazada Philippines when it comes to delivery is its packaging. I can say that this site is very careful with the way the items we buy are packaged in order to minimize, if not totally eradicate, damages and defects during shipping or transportation. This way, we can still enjoy the highest quality in the product that we paid for—as it is supposed to be.

An example would be the screen grab on the left. Aside from the usual box of the item, the latter was still enveloped with a bubble wrap to protect it from dents and other forms of damage through the tumbling and shaking during shipping.



LBC delivery service

Lbc Delivery.jpg 

One more factor that I highly commend about the delivery of this site is that it made it a point to work with the top courier service in the country. This way, shoppers are assured of topnotch quality when it comes to delivery.

LBC is known for their good courier service, prompt deliveries and secured transactions. Hence, we can be assured that the items we paid for are delivered as promised.


More than that, the delivery man also follows a standard procedure of asking for a government issued ID for security purposes. This way, our packages will not be unnecessarily claimed or stealed by other people. Items being delivered in the wrong hands has been a problem for some online shopping sites. But that is certainly not the case with Lazada Philippines. 


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