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> Offer Lots of Discounts and deals at Lazada - A Review

Offer Lots of Discounts and deals at Lazada - A Review

I’ve seen a lot of deals offered by various online website. Some of them are enticing some of them even don’t make sense at all. Nevertheless, its good that online business websites are always on top of their game by throwing in discounts, contests, games and promos.

For me, having no discounts or promos eliminates the weight factor of online stores from traditional online shopping malls. I mean you only go out your comfort zone if you feel that the reward has more bearing than the risk, right?

I actually saw a website based here in the Philippines, Lazada PH. I found out that they give ridiculous discounts that people are actually in disbelief that such deals or promos exist. For example there 99% off. Sure it seldom happens, but not all of online shopping business can offer that kind of a deal to online customers.

Their deals are actually friendly to us,  you save extra  cash not only on discount or promos but  also on their free delivery available service. So let’s give it a study, assuming you want to buy an Apple Ipad mini. If you purchase it on malls you spend extra on gas, travel expense. On the other hand, if you go online, you not need to spend money on gas or travel. You simply need a computer and Internet access and your are good to go. Besides the savings, it also speeds up your shopping experience since you won’t face any traffic going to the mall or even chase after items along with other buyers seeking the same item you want to purchase. There’s not much of a roadblock in online shopping compared to the factors on what you will face assuming you go to a specific mall to purchase an item.

Also, unlike malls, you get to see if the item is available or not. I had an experience once when I travelled two hours from our place to our main city where malls and establishments are available only to realize that someone beat me to the last item. At the end of the day its pretty much the same with traditional offline malls in terms finalizing the transaction you give your credit card or pay cash over the counter. With Lazada, you get to pick the same option, except the item you actually want is delivered n your footsteps. Its like a door-to-door salesman, just happened that salesman in Lazada alaready knows what to sell to you. On the down side, online shopping malls may take a day or two compared to offline shopping. So far, that’s the only flaw I see with online shopping business.

But surprisingly, recently, other online stores are offering same day delivery which is a smart idea from business standpoint. They all need a value preposition against Lazada. To some online stores, same day delivery is offered exclusively to online customers living around Manila Philppines. Bottom line, I love online business offering options to us to the point that were relaxed and we safe buying oline with their deals, promos, contests and even games.







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