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> Lazada PH Review: Cash on Delivery was a real game changer in payment options in the Philippines for local online stores

Lazada PH Review: Cash on Delivery was a real game changer in payment options in the Philippines for local online stores



What do we best get from online stores? What’s the difference between going to malls compared to visiting an online shopping mall website? I’m always a skeptic critic when it comes to trusting online stores. My friend was once conned by a fake or imposing online website offering a certain service or product at very small or reasonable price. As a customer, who wouldn’t want to get their desired item or service for a lower price? You would be a fool if you prefer to spend more on something that you can get for lesser, assuming that it’s a legit deal, of course!


I told myself that E-commerce Industry is a sham especially here in the Philippines where Online Classified ads such as sulit.com.ph or ayosdito.ph were the closest thing to E-commerce website. Sure, there are a lot of successful E-commerce websites throughout the world. But in this country, the percentage of success is very slim and next to impossible. There is only one thing why I think the rise of E-commerce industry is very low and I strongly believe that Philippines is not yet ready for it.


So when I heard that an Internet company giant, Rocket Internet, a German company owned by Samwer Brothers. Notorious for cloning websites, on Lazada’s case, clone of Amazon was brought in South East Asia. I was really shocked that they would take that big risk. Setting up multiple ventures on a region does not come chip. Once Lazada Philippines was launched here in the Philippines, I was telling myself that this will be a sure flop. Filipino’s are not fond of trusting online websites. Yet alone expose their hard earned money to possible fraud and have their money taken away in a snap.


When I started to investigate their website, At first I saw that their website is well presented and that it is easy to navigate.  What I noticed is that they were actually promoting their Free delivery service. Anyone who visits their website will see it right away since its highlighted upper section of the website. It is really hard to miss. For me, what came to my mind is that “Free Delivery” can be an advantage for large home appliances. It is something that we buy on malls where it will require delivery because of its size and weight, which results for extra charge of the delivery to your home. But what convinced me that Lazada truly has chance on tapping the online Filipino market is their various payment method options. One of them that I want to highlight is there “Cash on Delivery” this is actually amazing, up to now I’m still puzzled how they were able to think of that and had the guts to implement it given that the fraud order risk is pretty high. But that’s just truly shows that the owners, Samwer brothers, got to where they got with their high ambition and being confident to take risks.

So for proving me wrong or doubting you, I apologize and salute you Lazada Philippines for doing a great job and for changing how E-commerce is now perceived locally.





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