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> Great service bagged my LAZADA purchase- A Review

Great service bagged my LAZADA purchase- A Review

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 No matter how much of a steal the item you buy online is, if the service sucks and is inconvenient, it throws off the whole vibe of the website. There’s always a lot to consider when you want to put up a business. One of the main reasons owners require a screening for potential employees in outlet stores is to be able to assess whether that person can represent the brand and bag revenues at the same time. Good employees can close a purchase if they’re able to woo their clients into thinking the item is worth buying whether it looks good or fits the specific person’s personality. If the employee comes off as arrogant, customers tend to lose interest and in return, the brand loses possible sales. Despite the customer badly wanting the item, he or she will refuse to make a transaction with the shop if employees let their unprofessionalism get in the way of a good sell.


I remember passing through Topshop one time to get to its other side where Mango is. Because the saleslady knew perfectly how to promote the product, she was able to talk me into getting a bag that was 500 pesos off. I had no plans of buying from them but simply because the saleslady was so charming, I bought a leather brown bag that was a lot over my budget. She was so charming that it reached a point I couldn’t leave because I didn’t want to offend her. If it weren’t for that one accommodating girl, I probably would have just walk past the store and proceeded directly to my initial destination. Same concept applies to online shopping. If you have a concern and you direct your issues to customer service and they respond rudely, the conversation will just turn out sour not resolving anything. For some people, they go out of their way to report the person in-charge of her call and further complain risking the company to have to return their client’s money. Customer service is a vital aspect in creating a successful venture.


Websites like Lazada Philippines aim to provide excellent service in order to establish a relationship with their clients that can further lead to making them loyal enthusiasts and buyers. As you can tell, I’m one of the satisfied customers, which led me to making this blog entry.  There was a time that I called up customer service to inquire about their modes of payment not realizing that the details I needed were already posted. Because the person on the other line openly welcomed my questions, I was pushed more to buy given how convenient paying or making a transaction with them was going to be. She was able to properly discuss my options and in return, I purchased a sea foam green messenger bag that I can see myself wearing regularly. The service that they offered wasn’t at all like the previous bad encounters I had with employees who sell high-end brands in outlet stores like Rockwell or Greenbelt. If you can deliver exceptional customer service, then surely you will have at least one sale per day.





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